Warp Zone
Music: Daniel Mongrain & Pier-Luc Lampron
Lyrics: François Mongrain

"Drown deep into your soul…"

Suffering screams fading away
Burried are the scars of agony
Forgotten decades of drying tears
Still, I’m unceasingly dying

Under the staring eyes of the outraged
I leave for a higher level of existence
Hope for a translucid conscience
Obsesses my ignorance

No more demons to exorcise
Never will they materialize
There’s just one wish that I implore for
But I can’t afford it anymore.

I loathe your realm of glory and fame
In a world so restrained, life’s a pity
I leave this world without regrets
Without the pain, I should forget

Warp zone

Lead: Daniel Mongrain

© Martyr, 1998-2000


Virtual Emotions
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Daniel Mongrain

"Virtual emotions, masquerades and manipulations."

You think you’re sophisticated
You’re only scratching my surface
You can barely reach the bottom
Which is the highest you can go

You think you can manipulate me
That’s what I want you to believe
Those emotions which you think are yours
Are born from your imagination

What you feel is not real
Virtual emotions
What you feel isn’t real
Virtual emotions

Suffering makes me live
I want to feel the pain
Pulsating through the deepest part of me
For as long as it takes
These wounds without scars
Which you inflict upon me
Only feed me, your nemesis

Lead: Daniel Mongrain

The world you have created
The roles which you play
Make me balieve they’re much too real
They seem much too real

Your whole life is but an illusion
Don’t try to blame anyone at all
This great illusion you dare call life
Will disappear with you
You will realize your monumental mistake
But it will be too late

© Martyr, 1998-2000


Endless Vortex Towards Erasing Destiny
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Daniel Mongrain

"Are you aware of your existence?
And of the reason for it?"

Tear me out of this
Forever lost world
Between time and space
Tear me out of these
Realms where life’s
Eternal for those
Who seize it

Surrounded by lost souls
Paralyzed existence
For those whose
Life is a failure
Who are a failure to life

Endless vortex
Towards erasing destiny
Endless vortex
Erasing my destiny
The flame died away

Where am I here and now ?
Why was I not
And never will ?

Lead: Daniel Mongrain

© Martyr, 1999-2000


Deserted waters
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: François Mongrain

"A deep introspection might be required …"

Acid rain can’t dissolve
The stains which were left by the flood of tears
Foaming sea of rage can’t erode
This heart of stone frozen by fear

Frail skiff !
Without a course already traced
Drowning with haste !
Frail skiff without a crew
Sinking to my rescue !

Lighthouses can’t be seen
Fog-horns can’t be heard
Deserted waters
By the tiny frail skiff
Diving at its own risk
Deserted waters
Leaving the anchor behind
Adrift goes my mind
Deserted waters
Scattered slowly, agonizing
Time kills time

The skiff ran onto
The reef of my memory
Hoisting the yellow flag
I stem the tide of my past

In this imminent wreckage
I despair for salvation
Am I destined to an unconscious scuttling ?
My soul now a soaked up desert land

Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron
Lead: Daniel Mongrain
Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron
Lead: Daniel Mongrain

Pulled out from my deepest torments
Submerged in my own torrents
Lurking in my own wake
I am my own stowaway

© Martyr, 1998-2000


Carpe Diem
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Daniel Mongrain

"Don’t waste what little time you have
been granted on complaints.
And live your life to the fullest."

The past trespasses
When now settles in
Ephemeral experiences
Fleeting memories
Sacrificing a part of your life
Hungry packs of illusions

No one will grieve or shed a tear
For stolen destinies
Regrets are your life’s bitter legacy

Carpe Diem
Your life is yours to create
Carpe Diem
So leave the past behind

Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron
Lead: Daniel Mongrain

Hope for a second chance
Forever haunting you
Time beyond reclaim
Wasted in the past
Living beside your virtual life
Ad Vitam Aeternam

© Martyr, 1998-2000


The Fortune-Teller
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Francois Mongrain (Collaboration: Daniel Mongrain)

"Which truth did you expect to hear?
The truth, I just told you…
Don’t ask if you don’t want to know."

In the fountain of youth you will drown
Envy will make you sink like a stone
Damned temptations to remain on a throne
Belong to those who are forever gone

It’s all just a question of perception
And questions don’t always yeld solutions
Stop asking how, when, where and why
For the answer will never come

You think you’ll survive? Do you realize ?
You won’t come out alive. Rise above the skies
And then you will dive. Won’t you die, so I can too?

You won’t live to see the day
When you know it all
No matter how old you are

Lead: Daniel Mongrain

Tell me why? Tell me how?
Tell me, oh please tell me…
Tell me lies

So you wanted lies. Look into my eyes
I will make you cry. You don’t realize
Follow my advice. You will not survive

Let go of me!
Eternity’s too long for me

No matter how far you explore
The universe, you’ll never find more
And you could pray your life away

Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron

No one seems to hear you anyway

© Martyr, 1999-2000


Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: François Mongrain

"How low can you go in order to elevate yourself?
Judge and you will be judged."

Who are you to judge me ?
You’re worse than I could ever be
Who are you to condemn me ?
- Farther than your eyes, you can’t see

Behold the hammer of corruption
Mischief and treachery
Behold the unfair struggle
- Wealth always saves the loser

How far will you go to crush all the ants?
How far will you go to reach the giants?
- I won’t cross this line you once fled
- I won’t cross this line you’ve just stamped

You let your flaws dictate your laws
Sentencing is your role corrupted is your soul
No one to blame, you played the game
Don’t come to claim the souls you stained

Judge me not, as you don’t understand my way
- Law equals justice, for those who conspired it
Judge me not, every word is a shade of grey
- Law equals justice and freedom is but a lie

Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron
Lead: Daniel Mongrain

Crying over my faith I will not hate
Only in the realms of reverie
- Lies the ever seeked verity

Is life a quest for glory where I proclaimed you the king ?
"Life must be nice for the usurper..."
- Last thoughts of the innocent

© Martyr, 1999-2000


Retry? Abort? Ignore?
Music: François Mongrain (Collaboration: Daniel Mongrain)
Lyrics: François Mongrain

"….System overload ... Prepare to disinfect your soul."

Parasites intrusions
Virulent Infections
Abnormal reactions
Fatal error, Disconnection

Overwriting process
Formating in progress
Deleting the data
Neuron after neuron

Retry? Abort? Ignore? (2x)

Rebuild, restore the life I hacked
Reboot, Restart the life I asked

Remove the crust
Remove the rust
Remove the mask
Forget the past

Lead: Daniel Mongrain

Remove the mask, Remove the dust, Forget the past
Ravaged is the cortex
Panicked and distressed
Instinctive reflex
Sudden urge to forget

Illegal operations
Illogical solutions
Existential problems
Shutting down the system

© Martyr, 1999-2000


Realms of Reverie
Music: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Part I: Daniel Mongrain
Lyrics: Part II : François Mongrain

"Aspiring to the state of human ideal
which lies somewhere between
the dream mind and the subconscious mind."

Part I
I am the eye that watches
The masses from a distance
Their movements trouble me
And makes me ill at ease
Jealous, frightened, motionless
Interaction paralyzes me
Fleeing the predator’s enticing gaze
I have become the prey

Lead: Francois Mongrain

Part II
Far in the distance
Another Utopia’s rising
The future is recovering
From its passed fall from grace
A stone’s throw from the source
Of truth and life I am dying
And this virgin oasis
Fears the day when it will run dry
Far in the distance, I see
Don’t leave
Delusory dreams
Let me through

Lead: Daniel Mongrain
Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron

© Martyr, 1999-2000