Daniel Mongrain

Co-founding member of MARTYR
Lead & rhythmic guitarist
Main music composer
Lyrics author

Formal musical background:
University degree in music, Universite de Montreal
Graduated from the music program at the college CEGEP of Trois-Rivieres

Official Website: www.damongrain.com
Facebook: Dan Mongrain (Official)

Musical experience outside of Martyr:
Guitar recording sessions for Quebec artists
Metal, rock, jazz, blues and fusion bands.

Guitarist for:

Voivod (2008-)
Alcoholica (2004)
- Fractured (2003)

- From Wisdom to Hate (1999-2000)

Dan Mongrain did extensive touring and recordings with Voivod, which he already joined in 2008. He is a 2-time Juno awards recipient as a member and composer of Voivod for the Album "The Wake" (2019) and The Album "Synchro Anarchy" (2022) for Best Metal/Hard Album of the Year (Canada). He also wrote and recorded an album with Gorguts (2000: From Wisdom to Hate) and toured with Cryptopsy as a hired gun in 2005. He played a musical (Dracula: Entre l’amour et la mort) and played in various projects in the pop scene in Montreal including live and TV Shows, as well as studio work. He also appears on various albums for guest solos spots from bands around the globe. (www.danmongrain.com)

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