A warp in time...

First Martyr lineup,
back in 1989 with
Éric Beauchemin
(At that time, the band's
name was "Black Legion")

Dan, 12 years old,
with his first guitar
(he still has it!)

Francois, 14 years old,
with his second bass

Don't try this
at home!


Technical problems...

Stéphane Belanger recording
for the Ostrogoth demo
in summer 1994

Miguel Sanchez,
sound engineer
(Hopeless Hopes).

One of our first gig
with François Richard, 1996

François Richard
at the "Trifête", Princeville, 1996

François Richard
(1996-1997 period)

Hopeless Hopes CD
band picture

Pat at the Hopeless Hopes
CD release in 1997

François Richard
(1996-1997 era)

François Richard in one of
his post-Martyr projects.